Emanon drops their mu-metal album “Bitter Thought” produced at SSS

This nu-metal quintet hails from Lake Stevens WA.  The group includes Josiah Muldowney and Ian Salvisberg with vocals and bass; Justin Greene and Noah Wheeler on guitar; and Cole Hohenstein on drums.  The guys make the trek to my studio and recorded 8 songs, which encompassed their album Bitter Thought in two days. First, we tracked drums, bass and two guitars live with scratch vocals by Josiah that would later be overdubbed.  The guitars played by Noah and Justin at the same time through a  pair of Fender/Line 6 half stack combos, baffled off to minimize bleed into the drum mics.  Then, lead guitar tracks were overdubbed by Noah.  

It was so much fun to see skilled guitar players killing the solos.  The newest member of the band – drummer Cole played a 6 piece Mapex kit with Sabian AA cymbals.  These were spot mic’d with Sennheiser 421 and Audix mics on toms, 57 on snare and ribbon microphones on over-heads. The kick was the AKG D112 and DIY subkick on the outside to blend together for some low end thump. For the new metal sound, the kick, toms and snare were EQd on the way to the computer, which added more snap and mix-ready detail. The band brought some friends with them so we could record gang vocals (see picture).  After all this was layered out, Josiah layered more guitar parts on top of everything  to add dynamics to the music.  Then it was time to mix and master!

These guys were a blast to work with!  They had chill, no-drama, in-the-moment-fun vibes and nearly went through an entire case of Cup O Noodles.  Really, the only bitter thought in the studio was the name of their rockin album, which is out now!  Check out a sample song “Your Rage” below, available now on Itunes.  Follow what the crew is up to on their Facebook page