Judy gives us GOOD NEWS

Judy Clark, a spiritual-old-time-classics artist, brought 14 prerecorded backing tracks to SSS.  These traditional gospel tracks are ones premiering on her newly released album, Good News.  Judy notes that, “Old time gospel has always been one of my favorite music genres.  This is a collection that includes many of those oldies but goodies”. This isn’t the first time I’ve had Judy in my studio, following a long line of musical and vocal coaching releases (these can be found on her CD Baby artist page).


We hit the ground running by recording main vocals.  She is a very collaborative artist, working with me to bring out her best performances.  As always, she’s a blast to work with – super upbeat and fun!    After the mixing and mastering of the project, we were able to give the good news that Good News is now available!  


Have a listen to the music sample below titled “Jesus on the Mainline”