Greg Black and the Planetary People

Planetary People Greg BlackThis psychedelic progressive rock style is really out of this Planetary… (okay, that pun only kind of worked!)  Anyways, I had a talented  group of musicians including Greg Black come to South Sound Sound with some partially recorded songs that needed finishing.  The music files were exported out of ProTools and into my DAW of choice, Studio One 3.  Then we could get started re-recording, editing and fine tuning!  Greg laid out additional guitar work, with Gary on the lead lines.  

After we finished recording, it was time to begin listening.  Much of this entailed Greg, Gary and I critically listening to the tracks and making adjustments.  After mixing was complete, I mastered the album and then Greg took it to duplication. The final result is now available online to listen to and pick up your copy to support your local artist here at CD Baby and a sample can be heard below. 

I had a blast working with theses guys!  This type of music is really unlike anything I’ve had in my studio, experimenting with sounds to create something completely unexpected.   I think I’ll resurrect my original statement and say that it was most certainly “out of this planetary”.

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