Murray Flint and his solo acoustic guitar magic!

Murray Flint Mistakes and All CD CoverIt’s ironic that the new album “Mistakes and All” is played by very skilled acoustic finger-picking guitar player who makes very few mistakes. Murray approached SSS, wanting to record this album – 9 LP originals and 2 classic covers (“Amazing Grace” and “The Nearness of You”).  During the recording process, he played all his songs as single takes, one pass and no overdubs.

He used two guitars – a Taylor DN3 Dreadnaught and a Godin Multiac Grand Concert.  The signal chain we used was a single Audio Technica AT4050 FET style microphone. It has the similar tone to a classic well known Neuman U87. We ran it through the Universal Audio tube microphone preamp, then to the Pultec EQ for tone shaping and then DBX compression. The amount of needed reduction was just compression in the slightest amount, as Murray has a very steady hand and playing style was very consistent, not needing much dynamic control.  In a simultaneous setup to the mic, we had his LR Braggs active pickup that was set in the sound hole of the guitar.  This added additional percussiveness to the picking of the strings that would later be blended to taste with the microphone.

Murray Flint on Guitar. (image courtesy of Murray Flint)

Now that I have thoroughly geeked out over the recording process, I’ll also geek out about how fun it was to work with Murray.  He has a similar style humor as I, was very chill, and of course very talented.  We recorded his full album in just a couple evening sessions.   After the tracking was complete, I mixed and mastered the project.  

Mistakes And All has amazing sounds to it and you can have a listen to the sample below or go to his site where you can order your own copy.   Murray Flints new album available online @ Murray


Murray Flint set up with pick up and AT4050 microphone for recording session in studio

Murray Flint in studio, notice pick up in sound hole and condenser microphone out front of the guitar with a distance of nearly 2′.