Marcus Volk – The People We Were – new age music

Marcus Volk recently released his newest new age album “The People We Were”.  This is a follow up to his 2014 release “The Wraithe”.  Marcus’s music exercises complex and technical guitar playing with acoustic style picking.  Marcus says, about his music inspiration, that, “life events or experiences might inspire me personally, but I think it takes hearing others express themselves, which influences me to express myself in music”.  He also explained how he was steeped in the hard rock genre before he discovered a more acoustic style.  He’s since adapted this to fit his own technique and express himself further through his music.

“The People We Were” and “The Wraith” were mostly written in late 2013, and in early 2014 tracking began on “The Wraith”.  However, much of the inspiration began much earlier in bits and pieces, all settling into place when the albums were written: the rifts, melodies and lyrics pulled all together.  Marcus did all the tracking for both albums in his home studio.  He came to SSS to have me mix and master the music, adding a fresh perspective on his already accomplished and tasteful work.  I am super glad to have worked with Marcus, giving his songs the high quality I pride myself on at SSS.  I also really enjoyed the collaboration aspect of things, and hearing Marcus’s art unfold.

All of the parts to the songs were completed with very few tracks, usually including one rhythm acoustic guitar track, an electric guitar track, vocals, and occasional soundscape tracks.  

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