This is The Last Straw!!!!

Straw Hat Band Recording Session 2017

Guys from straw hat. L-R, Nick, Harrison, Tristan, Nick

Haha, that was a dramatic click-bait. Y’all thought I was going to rant about me being tired about something, didn’t you? Well, I’m actually going to tell you about the album “The Last Straw” by The band Straw Hat. This bluegrass folk rock band is made up of four fun guys: Tristan Greenthumb on the guitar, Harrison Burnout on the fiddle, Nick Nasty on the harmonica and Rawson on the bass. (If you’re interested in reading the bios behind these 4 characters, click here).

Straw Hat Band Recording Session 2017

Tristans guitar

First day in the studio, we set up the whole group for live recordings. To record Rawson’s stand up bass, I used a SM81 small condenser up top, an AT4050 large diaphragm condenser down low, and a DI from bass through compressor pedal. For Nick’s harmonica, we used the green bullet microphone, running into the tube Hot Hoodoo harmonica amp that we stashed in the isolation room along with a diaphragm condenser.

Straw Hat Band Recording Session 2017 - Blue Microphones

Microphone in the room for Nicks Harmonica pick up

This allowed the sound to not bleed into the other instruments we were tracking. For Tristan’s resonator guitar, the plucky sound of this instrument was picked up by the beta 57 dynamic, and he had a scratch vox mic to drive the session arrangements. For Harrison and his fiddle, we set up a Fat Head ribbon microphone with me in the control room. This allowed for a more isolated fiddle sound with his dynamic style, but he was still able to play live with the other guys while looking through the window from the control room to the live room.

Straw Hat Band Recording Session 2017

Tristan with his resonator guitar.

Straw Hat Band Recording Session 2017

Nick’s harp collection. The green bullet microphone is what he holds in his hands while playing the harmonica, this feeds a small tube amplifier stashed in an ISO booth and mic’d up.

For the second studio day, we ran vocals. Harrison used Groove Tube condenser microphone through eSOLO 610 preamp amp and Midrange Tube EQ. This made it easier to catch the cool smokey quality to his voice. For Tristans vocals, we used two different setups for different songs: e Shure SM7B mic and later the GT5sc microphone for a more lyrical sound.

Straw Hat Band Recording Session 2017

Nick and Tristan listen back to a previous take of a song

Straw Hat Band Recording Session 2017

Nick with harp and green bullet in hand.

After all the tracking was done I moved to mix and master this fun and dynamic album. Each one of the guys had really cool styles and uniqueness to their instruments, bringing great energy to the studio! The product: a new album with awesome sounding original songs. The best part of this is that the performances were all done as a group in a full take. What you hear on this album is every bit what the guys can do live! Check out their material below.


Bandcamp Music

Straw Hat Band Recording Session 2017

Nick Rawson on stand up bass.