What’s better than a high quality CD with some great music? Lots of CDs, of course!

Happy Labor Day Weekend y’all!!

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of having a physical CD of your work to give to fans.  Artists work hard to create great sounds, and CDs remain a top-notch way of storing and playing high quality music.  CDs allow a variety of options that other methods just don’t allow.  For one, it is simple to have cool, interesting graphics or pictures on your CD case, as well as room for a small pamphlet inside.  As for the actual CD, it is easy to use, doesn’t require access to the internet or a cell phone, like a lot of alternatives do, and the sound quality is top notch.


My biggest fan is…

My biggest fan is my wife Kris! SSS would not be what it is today without her. Sure, I turn the knobs behind the glass and make the music sound pretty but the real reason the studio is here is the unwavering support of my lovely wife.  It seems appropriate for me to say something about this after celebrating her birthday yesterday.


South Sound Sound: Season Update ‘Let’s spring right into this!’

As winter fades, and fresh new color brightens our world, one thing comes to mind: Spring.  Spring is here, and with it fresh opportunities to start up a new project.  Here at South Sound Sound, it’s all about changing guitar and bass strings, tuning the piano and different instruments and reorganization.  This is all with one goal in mind:  a creative space for people to make music and gain inspiration.