Musical Extravaganza of Facts

Music is full of incredible history and culture.  Unless you have musical anhedonia (a neurological condition causing the brain to dislike music), you probably love putting on your headphones or blasting your car speakers with your favorite jam as much as the next person.   The music we know and love is a common part of all of our lives…  but there are some things that most of us don’t know about music.  I’ve put together what I think is a pretty fascinating list of crazy musical facts.  Don’t be trebled if you don’t know these – many are quite unusual.  Enjoy!


Murray Flint Mistakes and All CD Cover

Murray Flint and his solo acoustic guitar magic!

Murray Flint Mistakes and All CD CoverIt’s ironic that the new album “Mistakes and All” is played by very skilled acoustic finger-picking guitar player who makes very few mistakes. Murray approached SSS, wanting to record this album – 9 LP originals and 2 classic covers (“Amazing Grace” and “The Nearness of You”).  During the recording process, he played all his songs as single takes, one pass and no overdubs.


Planetary People Greg Black

Greg Black and the Planetary People

Planetary People Greg BlackThis psychedelic progressive rock style is really out of this Planetary… (okay, that pun only kind of worked!)  Anyways, I had a talented  group of musicians including Greg Black come to South Sound Sound with some partially recorded songs that needed finishing.  The music files were exported out of ProTools and into my DAW of choice, Studio One 3.  Then we could get started re-recording, editing and fine tuning!  Greg laid out additional guitar work, with Gary on the lead lines.  


Judy gives us GOOD NEWS

Judy Clark, a spiritual-old-time-classics artist, brought 14 prerecorded backing tracks to SSS.  These traditional gospel tracks are ones premiering on her newly released album, Good News.  Judy notes that, “Old time gospel has always been one of my favorite music genres.  This is a collection that includes many of those oldies but goodies”. This isn’t the first time I’ve had Judy in my studio, following a long line of musical and vocal coaching releases (these can be found on her CD Baby artist page).


Emanon Bitter Thought Cover

Emanon drops their mu-metal album “Bitter Thought” produced at SSS

This nu-metal quintet hails from Lake Stevens WA.  The group includes Josiah Muldowney and Ian Salvisberg with vocals and bass; Justin Greene and Noah Wheeler on guitar; and Cole Hohenstein on drums.  The guys make the trek to my studio and recorded 8 songs, which encompassed their album Bitter Thought in two days. First, we tracked drums, bass and two guitars live with scratch vocals by Josiah that would later be overdubbed.  The guitars played by Noah and Justin at the same time through a  pair of Fender/Line 6 half stack combos, baffled off to minimize bleed into the drum mics.  Then, lead guitar tracks were overdubbed by Noah.  


What’s better than a high quality CD with some great music? Lots of CDs, of course!

Happy Labor Day Weekend y’all!!

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of having a physical CD of your work to give to fans.  Artists work hard to create great sounds, and CDs remain a top-notch way of storing and playing high quality music.  CDs allow a variety of options that other methods just don’t allow.  For one, it is simple to have cool, interesting graphics or pictures on your CD case, as well as room for a small pamphlet inside.  As for the actual CD, it is easy to use, doesn’t require access to the internet or a cell phone, like a lot of alternatives do, and the sound quality is top notch.


My biggest fan is…

My biggest fan is my wife Kris! SSS would not be what it is today without her. Sure, I turn the knobs behind the glass and make the music sound pretty but the real reason the studio is here is the unwavering support of my lovely wife.  It seems appropriate for me to say something about this after celebrating her birthday yesterday.