April 28, 2013



Want to record some music?  Everyone has a different way they like to record and I’m certainly open to different methods.  What may work for you may not for someone else and there is no right or wrong method.  Whether you like to track one instrument at a time or many as a group, I want to do what makes you feel most comfortable to be creative.  That always yields the best results!  I’d give up a tiny bit of “tone” for killer performance any day!

The live room is comfortable and acoustically treated so getting that “perfect take” is easy.  I’m efficient at work flow and dare I say “hustle” so you can keep the creative juices flowing.  Nothing like an engineer fussing with a computer to kill a session…  I record your tracks with high quality cables, microphones and pre-amps up to 14 tracks live in high resolution audio before they are mixed and bounced down to CD sound quality and MP3.

If you already have recorded a song(s) that you’re really happy with but don’t have great sounding vocal tracks I can also help.  Maybe you just don’t have the right microphone or recording expertise and would like just that part to be professionally recorded for a fuller sound?  Maybe you need a space to record live drums so you can finish the project yourself.   I can use your existing tracks and just add to them which I often do in POP, RAP and HIP-HOP productions.


Mixing is a HUGE deal….this is often where the project can go from fantastic to well…not so much.  I have experience in many different styles of music and I pride myself on giving my clients the best possible mix for their project, treating each song as if it were my own.

I work in Presonus Studio Pro3 so if you have created your music in a DAW such as Logic, ProTools, Sonar, or Propellerhead etc… those WAV files can easily be exported as individual tracks or stems and imported to my system where we can re-mix.  Simply use the same start point for all tracks.  I can work with MAC and PC files. Most clients simply email me their tracks using a free service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.


Mastering is the technical and magical process that prepares your music for CD duplication or digital distribution.  Mastering processes include EQ, fixing phase issues, exciting or enhancing frequencies, increasing loudness and creating proper fades and track spacing.

You may have heard recordings that were dull and lifeless, or maybe your finished mix sounds like its from the entirely wrong decade?  Are your songs so quiet compared to commercial mixes you find yourself making excuses to your friends?  I can fix that!  We can push it a little bit, or a bunch.  For instance, when doing rock mastering, it is a key element to getting the “in your face” full punchy sound.

When we are all done I can supply you with your finished project in digital form, say on a thumb drive or small hard drive.  I will supply both high resolution files as well as a master Red Book CD ready for duplication when the project is complete. I will create a DDP master file and electronically send you the proof for your final approval.  Then I can make arrangements to upload your files to Atomic Disc, my CD duplication friends in Salem Oregon.  Atomic Disc does killer work with fast turn-around times and great prices.

Mastering only projects: For files to master I would recommend WAV or AIFF formats in the largest resolution of sample rate and bit depth you have them in.  Please do not put a limiter on the 2 buss output as it will make the process not as effective. If you  have any questions please feel free to ask.

Let’s Get Started! Contact me to arrange transfer of your files.