April 28, 2013


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$35/hr  – tracking and editing.

Mixing and Mastering costs depend on the project.  Please contact me to estimate your project.

♦ On a super tight budget? I can work with most any budget and have helped hundreds of musicians produce great music.

I will estimate your project BEFORE we start.   I pride myself on quoting a fair price, setting expectations up front and sticking to it! 

Great Mics and PreampsEffects AppliedFinal Polish and Listen
Sweet StudioLevels AdjustedOverall Balance Adjusted
Friendly EngineerCool Plug-ins
Dynamics Controlled
between tracks
Record as a Band
Overdub Vocals
I'll ask for a
"reference track"
MP3 and CD Files Created
2-10hr Daily Blocks
7 days a week
2 Revisions / Song
1 Revision / Song included
Free Tea!Collaborative ProcessUpload of DDP files to
Atomic Disc for Duplication
Weekend and Evenings AvailableFiles are emaild
Rough cut CD's are made
Digital files sent for Vinyl Pressing
Songs are Edited Prior
to Mixing
At this Point Your Music
Will Sound Professional
You're All Done!

Note: You are responsible for obtaining clearance for any copyrighted material.  You can find out more here: Song Clearance



I recommend Atomic Disc for Duplication!

Mention you were referred by South Sound Sound.

Other Services

Live Performance Recording on Site – please contact me for details and pricing.
Cassette, Reel to Reel, Vinyl transfers and Restoration Projects by request.