September 8, 2013

About Mixing

Congratulations, it’s MIX time! Please read this document carefully as it will help you to understand my process for mixing and getting your feedback.

At this point in the process we are done tracking 100% of your project, the editing is complete we are ready to move to the phase where I fix vocal or instrument pitch, apply EQ, compression, effects and automation of volume etc…I work super hard on every song and see this as the opportunity to make your music shine!

Flux Session - Cubase 7 - Screenshot Mother LiquorI will communicate with you by sending mixes into your own folder I will set up on Google Drive. This allows me to share MP3’s, WAV files, pictures and tracking sheets to everyone in the group.  You will get a simple link each time I share a step of the project with you. I would encourage you burn a CD of your tunes for listening to them on multiple stereo systems. Note: If this is your first project at my studio, I insert a 2 second blank spot in each song unless we discuss a deposit. 

After the first round of mixes are complete and you have a listen, this is where your feedback comes in. I would like for one representative of the group to email me the mix change requests. Up to two revisions of each mix are included per song. If you need more we can certainly work together to get you the perfect mix.  For larger projects I encourage an “in person” meeting to go over the 1st round of revisions to make things most efficient and for me to get your feedback. 

After revisions are approved, and mixes are paid in full I will send you your final copies in WAV (CD Quality) and MP3. I recommend bringing a Hard Drive at the end of the project to transfer all files to you.  I keep a back-up but am not responsible for long-term storage due to file loss. 

At this point mixing is done. I would encourage you to take advantage of my Mastering Service to add an extra layer of clarity, loudness and balance to your other tracks as a whole. See Mastering Primer for more details.